SCC Results from the Road

Newell Mixed: Team Szymaszek Brings Home The Frosting


2013 Newell Mixed D Event Winners

2013 Newell Mixed D Event Winners - Team Szymaszek

One team represented Schenectady at the 43rd Annual Newell Mixed International Bonspiel at The Country Club which was held January 24 through 27, 2013. Skip Dorothy Szymaszek led her team of Kirk Wallace (threw skip rocks) , Jill Grandusky and Jacob Fields to an 8 to 7 win over Canadian Club III in 9 ends to bring home The Frosting (D Event) win. Wallace is credited with making the game winning draw (with some impressive sweeping assistance from Grandusky and Fields) in the 9th end.

To show the impression Dorothy left upon the teams at TCC the following excerpt is from a poem written in honor of the closing of this year’s Newell:

"Schenectady’s Szymaszek, so sweet but so cunning
Stay focused or be warned, for you won’t see her coming!
The Grande Dame of New York, the fair Dorothy
With a dance like a butterfly, and a sting like a bee."

We think this is spot on!


Broomstones Men’s: Team Damon Competes in the E

Congratulations to SCC's Team Damon for becoming the 5th event finalists at the  Broomstones Men's Event which was held January 17 - 19, 2013.  Skip Brian Damon led his team of Art Merkley, Chad Stoffer and Ron Cohen into the E event after some impressive matches. This was the 1st away bonspiel for Chad and Rob (2nd year curlers). Some highlights from this event: Team Damon beat a very competitive Leichter rink that included Robby Melville and Sam Chandler; later, leading comfortably over a ranked Jr. Team (McMakin, which included Donald Mackintosh) before failing to score in the last four ends; Great game against SCC’s Machold where Team Damon took two in the 8th and stole two in the extra end; which was set up by a great draw to the four foot by Chad Stoffer. They also came back to within 1 of Chandler after falling behind 6-0 in the final.

In addition to Team Damon, two SCC curlers also competed in this event: Dan Machold Skipped Team SchenecBroo and Ken Rice played Vice for Team Ryder of Albany.