Team Gaines Wins the C.R.U.E.

SCC is pleased to announce that Team Gaines has won this year's C.R.U.E. Bonspiel. Nancy Gaines led her team of Lisa Filkins, Nicole Ladopolous and Jackie Donegan (1st game) to a win this event with a total of 22 points. Team Hall came in a close second with a total of 19.25 points. Christina Hall led her team of Carol Munro, Suzanne Hartz and Jenn Wood in an impressive bid at the win.

2013 C.R.U.E. Winner

2013 C.R.U.E. Winner - Team Gaines

The C.R.U.E. is a one day event for women junior skips of SCC with two 6-end games. It is a “point spiel” so the winners are determined by the combined points for both games. The sponsors of the C.R.U.E. pin are Claire Brunkhorst, Ruth Kerr, Undine Fiedler, and Evelyn Holmblad. They were the first SCC women to win the Empire State Women's Bonspiel and have been long time supporters of women's curling at SCC. Claire and Evelyn were on hand to present the pin to Team Gaines.

2013 C.R.U.E. Finalist

2013 C.R.U.E. Finalist : Team Hall

The other teams that competed in this event were: Team Dolins: Laura Dolins, Paula Lancaster, Becky Trousil and Julie Gaines, Team Feiden: Roberta Feiden, Fay Navratil, Lori Millet/April Katz and Cathy Faulkner, Team Reed: Mary Sue Reed, Sue Adair, Michelle Moffitt and Patty Piscitelli and Team Pearson: Joan Pearson, Sara Marchand, Laura Knussman and Denise Cashmere.

Thank you to all ladies who took part in this wonderful event and thank you to Meghan Muller (and husband Dan) for running the event this year and providing the ladies with an amazing lunch!