Lancaster Takes the “Queen”

Congratulations to Team Lancaster for winning the Colton (A Event) of the Colton Bonspiel narrowly over Team Kelliher on skip rocks. Paula Lancaster led her team of Fay Navratil, April Katz, and Denise Cashmere (Fay Navratil was replaced by Meghan Muller on Sunday though Meghan played lead and everyone else moved up) to victory over Eileen Kelliher's rink of Nicole Ladopoulos, Amy Machold, and Jackie Donegan with a 6 point tie which was settled on skip rocks.

2013 Colton Bonspiel Winners

Team Lancaster (r to l): Paula Lancaster, April Katz, Denise Cashmere, Meghan Muller

Other event winners and finalists were:

The Kerr (B Event)
Winner: Alice Rubin, Sue Streeter, Michele Moffit, and Natalie McDonough - 8
Finalist: Bette Sovik, Carol Munro, Roberta Feiden, and Cathy Faulkner. - 4

The Szymaszek (C Event)
Winner: Dorothy Szymaszek, Lisa Filkins, Lisa Nieradka, and Kathy Clancy. (Joan Barnes and Linda Falcon subbed in as well) - 9
Finalist: Shirley Burgess, Andrea Warr, Mary-Sue Reed, and Lisa Daly. - 2

The Hilborn (D Event)
Winner: Lori Millet, Laura Knussman, Sara Marchand, and Lynn Momrow- Zielinski. - 9
Finalist: Charlene Fitzgerald, Becky Trousil, Laura Dolins, Nancy Gaines. - 7

The Colton is our in house Women's Club Championship that is held in honor of Charlotte Colton, Ruth Kerr, Dorothy Szymaszek and in memory of Ursula Hilborn. Charlotte and Dorothy were on hand to award their pins (and Dorothy helped us out with the Kerr and Hilborn as well!) to the winners at this year’s event. The prestigious Colton pin features an image of the Queen of Hearts playing card with a winking Queen to represent the fact that the ladies are all queens in this bonspiel but they don't take themselves too seriously!

Thanks to all who participated and helped make this event a success!!

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