Hitting the Road: 2013 5 and Unders

We would like to wish Good Curling to all of the SCC teams participating in this year’s GNCC 5 and Under events. These yearly bonspiels are for curlers with 5 or fewer years of active curling experience. These are highly attended, hotly contested events! The three 5 and Under spiels are divided into Mixed, Men’s and Women’s.

The Raymond Kayser Bonspiel

This year we have two Schenectady teams who will head to the Utica Curling club for the Raymond Kayser Bonspiel being held February 14th - 17th 2013.  The Kayser is the GNCC's mixed 5 and Under.  Participating this year from SCC are:

Team Ladopoulos: Nicole Ladopoulos, Jeff Brewster, Roberta Feiden, and Andy Maurer. (April Katz is playing 5th)
Team Klees: Rob Klees, Peggy O'Connor, Dan Muller, and Christina Hall.

Rob Klees (skip) and Dan Muller (second) were the A finalists in last year's Kayser and Peggy O'Connor (vice) was on the Brennan led B Event winning team.

You will find draw and other information by visiting the Utica Curling Club Kayser Page. UCC will also be streaming selected games live on their Utica Curling Club Channel on USTREAMThursday and Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Francis Dykes Memorial Bonspiel

Four teams will be taking the trip down to the Potomac Curling club to attend the 74th annual Francis Dykes Memorial Bonspiel which is the GNCC’s Men’s 5 and Under.  This event takes place February 27th through March 3rd 2013. Participating this year from SCC are:

Team Brennan: Scott Brennan, Dan Muller, Jeff Howles, and Rob Klees
Team Alois: Brandon Alois, Jeff Brewster, Andy Maurer, and Nate Alois
Team Fields: Jacob Fields, Joe Perrotto, Mark Roberts, and David Genevich
Team Holbrook: Tom Holbrook, Joe Marshall, Joe McCarthy, and Dave Spengler

From Team Alois, Brandon (vice) and Nate (lead) were on last year’s B event winning team and from Team Holbrook, Tom (skip) and the two Joe’s (vice and second) were the 5th event winners.

Draw and other information can be found on the Potomac Curling Club Dykes Page.

The Elisabeth Childs Challenge

Eight of our ladies will be heading over to the Rochester Curling Club for this year’s Elisabeth Childs Challenge, taking place March 15th through 17th 2013. The ladies who hope the luck of the Irish is with them are:

Team Ladopoulos: Nicole Ladopoulos, Sara Marchand, Mary-Sue Reed, and Roberta Feiden
Team Hall: Christina Hall, Peggy O’Connor, Laura Dolins and Amy Machold

Peggy O’Connor (second) and Amy Machold (vice) were on the A event winning team from last year’s Childs!