The United States Wins!

Team Holmblad

Team Holmblad: Dave Longbreak, Fred Mackintosh, Doc Holmblad, Phil Falconer, Dan Navratil

Congratulations to Team Holmblad who competed for the Gordon International Medal March 15th and 16th and helped the US take the prize - US gained 369 points over Canada's 324. This event pits 20 American teams (2 games per team) and 40 Canadian teams (one game per team) against each other for the coveted Gordon Medal. This event is hosted every other year in Canada and the USA with it being held at various clubs in the Montreal area this year. The outcome of the match is determined by the total number of stones scored by each side in the two Gordon medal games. Over the years the Canadians have won this event almost 4 times as many times as the US but not this year!

SCC was represented by five man team Doc Holmblad, Fred Mackintosh, Phil Falconer, Dave Longbreak and Dan Navratil. Team Holmblad won an award for the two highest scores during the “friendly” matches that took place on the 15th. Their stones during the competitive matches on Saturday helped nudge the US to victory in this event.

This is a very historic event. On January 25th 1884, Mr Robert Gordon of New York City presented a handsome gold medal to the curlers of the United States and Canada to be played for in an annual competition. The first match for the Medal was played in Montreal on February 8th 1884 and was won by the Milwaukee Curling Club. The first match in the United States (as it was decided to alternate between having the event in Canada and the US) was at the Albany City Curling Club on February 22nd, 1890. Records indicate that over the 117 year period, matches were postponed due to smallpox, lack of ice and wars.

The actual format changes based on the venue. When the medal is played for in the US there are usually 20 Canadian teams and 20 American teams playing two 10 end games. When the medal is played for in Canada there are usually 40 Canadian teams playing 1 game and 20 American teams playing 2 games. (This was the format for 2013.) The outcome is determined by the total number of stones scored by each country in the two games.

In addition to the Gordon International Medal there are other competitions played for at the same time. The Add Hastings International Bowl is awarded to the rink (on either the US or Canada side) that has the largest score in any single game during the Gordon International Medal competitive games. In addition to the competitive matches for the Gordon International there are also “Friendly” matches that take place the day prior. The team with the three highest scoring games win the James C Stevens Memorial Shield. In addition, teams with the two highest scoring games receives an award, and this is what Team Holmblad won this year.

We were so proud that Team Holmblad was part of this historic event!