Yoshino Cherry for Stefanski

2014 Cherry Blossom Winner - Stefanik

2014 Cherry Blossom Winner - Team Stefanik (l to r): Mike Stefanik, Candace Stefanik, Chuck Skinner Jr., Chuck Skinner Sr.

Congratulations to Team Stefanik (also called Team Stefanski) in winning this year's Cherry Blossom Bonspiel! You may think you are reading a article from last year because the same team won the same Bonspiel last year! Mike Stefanik led his rink of Chuck Skinner Jr. (Potomac), Chuck Skinner Sr. (Chesapeake), Candace Stefanik into the A event finals versus Team Noble and took home the prize!

Congratulations to Team Stopera for being the B Event Finalists also at the Cherry Blossom. Jack Stopera led his team of Nancy Wurth, Bill Niedrach (Bucks County), Sue Niedrach (Buck’s County) into the B Finals versus Team Robinson and came up just short.

Congratulations to both teams for getting to the A and B event finals and to Team Stefanik for the big win!