Brooks Gets Gold, Misses Out on Kielbasa

2013 Krakow Bonspiel Winners

Team Brooks: Tim Brooks, Carol Munro, Lisa Filkins, David Genevich

On March 30th 2013, SCC turned curling upside down with its annual Krakow Bonspiel! Congratulations to Teams Brooks and Team Lancaster for picking up the "Gold" and the "Silver" medals in this fun event. Tim Brooks led his team of Carol Munro, Lisa Filkins and Dave Genevich to a 67 point high score to capture the gold medal while Tom Lancaster led his rink of Paula Lancaster, Kirk Wallace and Becky Trousil to a score of 64 points to get the silver. Last but not least, Bette Sovik and her team of Marty Zavadil, Cynthia Walton-Leavitt and Nancy Gaines came up with the last place number of points (39) but scored big by winning a ring of Kielbasa! Team Austin also won a special prize for winning the trivia quiz...way to go smarties!

Here is how all the rinks made out:

67 points: Tim Brooks, Carol Munro, Lisa Filkins, Dave Genevich
64 points: Tom Lancaster, Paula Lancaster, Kirk Wallace, Becky Trousil
63 points: Brad Austin, Linda Austin, Rob Klees, Dan Muller
61 points: Pat Fitzgerald, Sue Streeter, Jeff Mayott, Yuko Kashiwado
58 points: Dave Longbreak, Chad Stoffer, Jenn Wood, Laura Dolins
53 points: Jim Holmblad, Phil Falconer, Shirley Burgess, Christina Hall
42 points: Dorothy Szymaszek, Mike Luft, John Ioia, April Katz
39 points: Bette Sovik, Marty Zavadil, Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, Nancy Gaines

So how does it work? You get points for having stones in the house (1 each) but you get 5 points for having your rocks the furthest from the button (biters are a wonderful thing). Also if you take an opponent's stone lose a point and your rock! So..normal curling rules do NOT apply! A fun time was had by all and thank you to Jim and Charlotte Colton for putting on this great end of season event and most of all for the wonderful themed lunch after! Yum!

To see all of our winning teams and some on ice photos, check out our In House Bonspiel Photo Gallery!