2012-2013 League Winners and Finalists

SCC is proud to announce all of our league winners (and finalists where applicable) for the 2012-2013 season! These teams were honored at the Closing Meeting on April 10th. Congratulations to you all!

Women’s Leagues

Dr. Ack: Winner: Nicole Ladopoulos, Nancy Wurth, Amy Machold and Janis Gaunay
All American: Winner: Charlene Fitzgerald, Fay Navratil, Martha Naber, and Natalie McDonough
Women’s Singles: Winner: Sue Adair
Blackhall: Winner: Maureen Fodera, Alice Rubin, Lisa Filkins, and Amanda Barr
Lydgate: Winner (finalist for the Blackhall) Andrea Warr, Lisa Nieradka, Laura Knussman, and Liz Lansing

Mixed and Open Leagues

Erdman: Winner: Jeff Brewster, Nicole Ladopoulos, Kelly McCart and Greg Alexis
Erdman: Finalist: Mike Luft, Vic Temple, Isaac Bratton, and Cheyenne Bratton
Gabel: Winner: Joe Perrotto, Brian Montgomery, David Genevich, and Alex Chambers
Gabel: Finalist: Jeff Brewster, Nicole Ladopoulos, Sean Duffy, and Greg Alexis
Bradshaw: Winner: Jack Stopera, Nancy Wurth/Amy Hawrylchak, Doug Kerr, and Bruce Bucciferro
Bradshaw: Finalist: Maureen Fodera, , Mike Luft, Becky Trousil, and Kirk Wallace
Fitzgerald: Winner: Dan Machold, Lisa Nieradka, Sean Duffy and Linda Falcon
Fitzgerald: Finalist: Pete Drechsler, Lisa Filkins, John Adair and Sue Adair
Griffin: Winner: Jim Holmblad, David Longbrake, Brandon Chew, and Cynthia Walton-Leavitt
Griffin: Finalist: Jim Colton, Mike Luft, Ralph Comanzo, and Denise Cashmere
Burgess: Winner: Jim Holmblad, David Longbrake, Mary Sue Reed, and Cynthia Walton-Leavitt
Burgess: Finalist: Jack Fitzgerald, Mike Luft, Michele Moffitt, and Lisa Daly
Stopera: Winner: Sue Adair, Brad Austin, Becky Trousil, and Kirk Wallace
Stopera: Finalist: Mike Stefanik, Nancy Wurth, Jack Stopera, and Candace Stefanik
Cioffi: Winner: Kevin Gomes, Jill Grandusky, Brian Montgomery, and Yuko Kashiwado
Sovik: Winner: Bruce Bucciferro, Frank Wyllie, Phil Falconer, and Karen Hess
Sovik: Finalist: Bette Sovik, , Jeff Faulkner, Paul Clarke, and Lori Millet

Men’s Leagues

Pletenik: Winner: Chad Stoffer, Brad Austin, Bill McLaughlin and Brent Lehman
Pletenik: Finalist: Peter Drechsler, Robert Klees, Jim Gorgos and Doug Kerr
Graham: Winner: Charlie Brown, Rich Gonyeau, Joey Sipzner and Robert Maynard
Graham: Finalist: Pat Fitzgerald, Pete Dreschler, Ron Holbrook, and Chad Stoffer
Girard Singles: Winner: Dion Warr
Girard Singles: Finalist: Brian Damon
Van de Car: Winner: Brian Damon, Mike Stefanik, Pete Drechsler, and Art Merkley

And a shout out to our new members who successfully completed curling school and thus get a pin! They are: Greg Alexis, Karen Denike, Sean Duffy, Janis Gaunay, Bryan Gonyeau, Jon Hamilton, Jackie Hennessy, Jim Hennessy, Dave Potts, Matt Rennells, Dave Spengler, Kathy Walsh, Bill Williams, Chris Williams, Steve Yeager. Congratulations!