Utica – Albany Team Takes Home the Win!

Congratulations to the teams that made up the Utica – Albany side of the U.S.A. Friendly who became the winners this past weekend at the Schenectady Curling Club! The U.(Utica Curling Club)S.(Schenectady Curling Club)A.(Albany Curling Club) Friendly was recently revived after a 10 year hiatus. This women’s event is held yearly on a rotating basis at all three clubs. This year’s event was held at SCC on October 26th. The two travelling clubs are pitted against the home club in this pointspiel. There were two matches at 10am and 1pm with a lovely lunch in between. After the two sets of matches Utica/Albany won the spiel with a total score of 60.25 points over Schenectady’s 48 points. Great job Utica and Albany!

The “Home” Club was represented by:

Schenectady 1: Sue Adair, Fay Navartil, Becky Trousil, Paula Lancaster
Schenectady 2: Bette Sovik, Sue Streeter, Michele Moffitt, Laura Dolins
Schenectady 3: Lori Millet, Amanda Vickerson, Andrea Warr, Cathy Faulkner
Schenectady 4: Nancy Gaines, Jackie Donegan, Yelena Leszczynsky, Jaclyn Shaw

The “Away” Club(s) were represented by:

Utica 1: Peggy Rotton, Melon Sofinski, Melissa Foote, Sabrina Thibado
Utica 2: Susan Williams, MJ Walsh, Jan Rishel, Dee Pfohl
Albany 1: Wendy Berger, Marilyn Goldstein, Emma Foster, Marilyn Mathany
Albany 2: Martha Naber, Roberta Crain, Megan Boyak, Candace Toly

And here are how the matches played out:

Game 1: 10am

Albany 2 Naber over Schenectady 1 Adair: 10.25 points to 2.25 points
Utica 1 Rotton over Schenectady 2 Sovik: 9.75 points to 4.25 points
Schenectady 3 Millet over Albany 1 Berger: 10.75 points to 2.5 points
Utica 2 Williams over Schenectady 4 Gaines: 11.25 points to 3.75 points

Game 2: 1pm

Utica 1 Rotton over Schenectady 4 Gaines: 13 points to 1 point
Schenectady 3 Millet over Utica 2 Williams: 9.25 points to 4 points
Albany 2 Naber over Schenectady 2 Sovik: 8.25 points to 5 points
Schenectady 1 Adair over Albany 1 Berger: 11.75 points to 1.25 points

Thanks to all who participated in this fun…friendly event and to SCC’s Sara Marchand for chairing it!