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SCC Hosts 28 Rinks for S.O.B.

The SCC was pleased to have hosted a field of 28 excellent teams for the 2016-2017 edition of the Schenectady Open Bonspiel (S.O.B.).

Congratulations to all of winners and finalists:

A-Event (Wurth)
Winner: Team Stopera -  SCC/Saint Lambert: Jack Stopera, Elaine deRyk, Dave Hooper, Nancy Wurth
Finalist: Team Echholz - Petersham: Kathy Eichholz, Skye Padellaro, Kirsten Eichholz, Tim Eichholz

D-Event (Staccone)
Winner: Team Naylor Broomstones: Dan Naylor, Mike O'Neill, Mike McKenzie, Jo Shaw
Finalist: Team Spengler - SCC: Dave Spengler, Greg Alexis, Isaac Bratton, David Dial

B-Event (Macnchester)
Winner: Team Shaw - Potomac: Melvin Shaw, Courtney Shaw, Brian Damon, Kerry Carlson
Finalist: Team Klees- SCC: Rob Klees, Meghan Muller, Jeff Howles, Bob Williams

C-Event (Icemaker)
Winner: Team Heisler - Cape Cod: Matina Heisler, Krista Longnecker, Levi Gorrell, Liz Abeltin
Finalist: Team Fournier - Broomstones: Anne Fournier, Zach Howard, Dimitry Tybak, Seth Robertson

E-Event (The Season Finale)
Points Winner: Team Anderson - Lacolle:   Perry Anderson, Karen Anderson, Paul Dingman, Janet Dingman

Archived games can be streamed on our YouTube Channel.

A summary of the indivudual game matchups can be viewed via the Draw.



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