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The Achilles Bonspiel

AchillesNovember 16-18, 2023

Rink Fee: $440
Chairperson: Pat Fitzgerald
Goddess of the Feast: Sue Streeter


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Join us for the 43rd annual Achilles Bonspiel, a men's event with draws starting on Thursday evening. The bonspiel offers a 3-game guarantee, with the event finals held early Saturday evening, leaving ample time for celebration, recovery, and travel home on Sunday. Your entry fee covers the Opening Party and dinner starting at 6 PM on Thursday, lunch & dinner on Friday and Saturday, brunch on Saturday morning, prizes and awards; with live music planned for Friday evening. 

Bring a significant other (even an extra curler) at only $100 per person (includes all meals).

Returning rinks will have priority for acceptance through September 15th, with participation capped at 24 entries.  (All entries are subject to approval by the event chair.)

To ensure a safe environment, all curlers are encouraged to obtain and update vaccinations to keep their friends as safe as possible.

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Questions? Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hotel Information:
240 Harborside Drive, Schenectady, NY (518) 579-6620
*Near the Rivers Casino and Resort
2.9 Miles from the Club
$144 per night Must be booked by 10/17 for this rate.
Book your group rate for Achilles Bonspiel Nov 16-19 2023

45 British American Blvd., Latham, NY (518) 782-7500
4.7 Miles from the Club
Book for the Schenectady Curling Club


Past Winners:

2022 Schenectady Pat Fitzgerald, Steve Wood, Kirk Wallace, Rob Maynard
2021 Ardsley Dan Tufaro, Dave Schrull, Jeff Klein, David Wagenhein
2020 No Event Cancelled due to COVID
2019 Plainfield Mark Mooney, Bill Nickle, John Gephart, Dickey Scott
2018 Broomstones Benj Guzman, Daniel Simard, Mike McKenzie, Mike Sampson
2017 Schenectady/Ardsley/Plainfield Gert Messing, Dennis Mellerup, Dannie Steski, Bill Peskoff, Greg Poole
2016 Plainfield/Ardsley Dennis Mellerup, Bill Nickle, Bill Peskoff, Max Zhang
2015 Schenectady Mike Stefanik, Charlie Brown, Scott Brennan, Jack Stopera
2014 Albany Mike Petersen, Dan Keller, Stu Howells, Zach Ferretti
2013 Schenectady Dan Machold, Jack Stopera, Dave Hooper, Scott Brennan
2012 Plainfield/Ardsley Gert Messing, Dennis Mellerup, Bill Nickle, Bill Peskoff
2011 Broomstones Bryan Fink, Mike Platt, Brian Costello, Eric Haase
2010 Broomstones Bryan Fink, Mike Platt, Brian Costello, Eric Haase
2009 Schenectady Dan Machold, Dion Warr, Dave Hooper, Mike Beaton
2008 Schenectady Dean Wadland, Jack Stopera, Jim Sinkins, Charlie McCullough
2007 Schenectady Dean Wadland, Jack Stopera, Jim Sinkins, Mike Stefanik
2006 Pointe Claire Ian Nelson, Bruce Lerner, Derek Walton, Martin Walpert
2005 Schenectady Bob Mulig, Jack Fitzgerald, Dave Spencer, Pete Sheehan
2004 Plainfield Dave Durrant, Bill Peskoff, Fred Mackintosh, Jason Valetutto
2003 RCN Ottawa Johnny Morrissey, Michel Paquette, George Mitchell, Jim Cole
2002 Utica Don Knapp, Tom Everson, Tom Luker, Mike Gironimo & Jeff Mayott
2001 Canadian Club of Boston Bob Devine, Dan Dacey, Keith Johnson, Rick Purdy
2000 Ardsley George Austin, Bob Welch, Jeff Paul, Peter Austin
1999 Plainfield Dave Durrant, Don Baird, Bill Peskoff, Ray Lawreck
1998 Granite Rick Fink, Shane Longley, Bill Chandler, Rick Sawyer
1997 Utica Bill Morehouse, Jim Dellano, Mike Kessler, Don Knapp
1996 Utica Bill Morehouse, Dean Kellyo, Mike Kessler, Don Knapp
1995 Garden State Bruce Green, Dan Steski, Bill Peskoff, Angelo Marasciulo
1994 Granite Rick Fink, Tim Kelley, Rick Sawyer, Rob McDonald
1993 Granite Rick Fink, Grayland Cousins, Bill Shean, Steve Reed
1992 Granite Rick Fink, Rob Malser, Tim Kelley, Rick Sawyer
1991 Granite Rick Fink, Dale Lewis, Rick Sawyer, Davis Yetman
1990 Schenectady Bob Mulig, Bob Chick, Dave Spencer, Pete Sheehan
1989 Schenectady Jack Stopera, Jr., Dave Stopera, Tom Pearson, John Duguid
1988 Schenectady Mike Erdman, Joe Lisuzzo, Howard Fiedler, Hal Clements
1987 Granite Rick Fink, Doug Marquis, Dean Kelly, Dave Stopera
1986 Weston Doug Marquis, Rick Fink, Dean Kelly, Tim Kelley
1985 Albany Austin Cline, Mel Abelseth, Bruce Shultes, Ralph Cohn
1984 Trois-Rivieres Jules Ricard, Pierre Ricard, Andrew Monagan, Louis Bellemare
1983 Rochester Rick Van Cuyck, Barry Johnson, Craig Young, Dave Etter
1982 St. Lambert Lyndon Maize, Harvey Carter, David Haigh, Dave Saunders
1981 Glenmore Ray Thiboutot, Bill Shields, Brian Hiller, Paul Jennings
1980 Schenectady Chic Hequembourg, Rick Fink, Paul O'Malley, Jack Stopera, Jr.

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